Travel during pandemic: manually curated videos and articles worth checking.

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Welcome to the weekly newsletter about the current state of tourism and international travel. You can check our up-to-date list of countries reopened for tourism, or — if you have questions — just reply to this email.

Weekly roundup

1)  These countries are open to vaccinated travelers

2) Australia - Hong Kong: The next travel bubble

3)  [VIDEO] The Maldives resorts where Covid isn't a thing

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4)  Australia's Queensland introduces harsh new rule for people who've been traveling interstate

5)  Singapore may allow vaccinated residents to travel abroad

6)  Beware pricey summer flights: airlines pushing fares higher as travel rebounds

7)  [VIDEO]  Airplane black boxes, explained

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8)  US bans travel from covid-hit India: see who is exempted

9)  Patchwork of vaccine passports complicates the return of global travel

10)  Full list of free travel vouchers for Australians and how to apply

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